Branson is known as “Veterans Capital of the U.S.” and goes to great lengths to honor all of the great men and women of our Armed Forces. Almost every show takes a moment to recognize all of the veterans in attendance, as well as their families, and nearly every business in town has a sign or flag displayed welcoming and honoring members of the military.

The “Veterans Homecoming Week” is held every November and includes many special events including special shows, reunions, flag raisings, and tributes. Branson is home for many military reunions throughout the year, and a Welcome Home and Vietnam Veteran Parade is held every March.

The Veterans Memorial Museum covers the wars of the 20th Century including World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf with over 2000 exhibits in 10 halls. It is a must see attraction for anyone who has an interest in the history of our country, or in those who served to protect it and give us the freedoms that we have today.

The Branson Veterans Task Force works with the community to plan special events and recognition of veterans and veterans groups throughout the year. They have been instrumental in helping make sure that flags fly proudly across the city. The red, white and blue is easy to find in our city and we truly honor and respect our veterans.

Many hotels, shows, restaurants and businesses offer special discounts for military members and veterans. Be sure to ask around town, and if you see a veteran please be sure and thank them for their dedicated service to our country.