What’s the weather? Not too bad most of the year. The location of the Ozark Mountains allows for mild Spring and Fall conditions, and although Summer can be steamy, and Winter can have some cold snaps, generally extremes are the exception and not the rule.

Average high temperatures range from the lower 40’s in January to near 90 during the hottest months of July and August with average nighttime lows bottoming out in the mid 20’s from December through February and moderating to the upper 60’s to near 70 in July and August. Average precipitation totals range from around 2.5 inches in January and February to nearly 5 inches in the wettest months of May and June, mostly from spring thunderstorms.

There are occasional ice storms and wintry mixes, and snowfall is common in the winter, but generally don’t cause more than temporary travel concerns. Severe thunderstorms are possible any time of year, but most likely in early spring and late fall. Damaging winds and large hail are the main threats, but there are occasional tornadic cells. A late night tornado touched down on February 29, 2012, causing significant damage to parts of town. Outdoor warning sirens warn residents and visitors of approaching tornadic storms, but NOAA Weather Radio is the best source for severe weather information.

NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts on a frequency of 162.550 MHz and  the FIPS code for programmable radios using SAME technology is 213 for Taney County, which includes Branson, and 209 for Stone County to the west (which includes much of Table Rock Lake and Silver Dollar City). For more information on NOAA Weather Radio go to

Local media also does a good job of providing coverage during severe weather. KRZK 106.3 FM in Branson provides the latest forecasts and warnings, and local TV stations providing weather radar and warning information include NBC affiliate KY3 KYTV channel 3, CBS affiliate KOLR channel 10, and ABC affiliate KSPR channel 33.

On a television radar picture or county warning map, Taney County and the city of Branson is a nearly square shaped county located 2 counties south or below Springfield, MO. Branson is located on the left side or west of the county, and Taney County sits just north or above the Arkansas state border. Stone County is located directly to the west and Christian County sits to the north or above.

Here are the averages for each month for the Branson area, showing the average daily high/low, daily temperature, and rainfall/snowfall:

January – 43/22, 33, 2.5″/5.5″

February – 48/26, 37, 2.5″/3.5″

March – 58/35, 46, 3.5″/2.5″

April – 67/44, 56, 4.5″/0

May – 75/54, 65, 5″/0

June – 84/63, 73, 5″/0

July – 89/68, 78, 3.5″/0

August – 89/67, 78, 3.5″/0

September – 80/58, 69, 4.5″/0

October – 69/47, 58, 3.5″/0

November – 57/35, 46, 4″/1″

December – 45/25, 35, 3″/5″

(Figures based on National Weather Service official 30 year average weather data for Springfield, MO official NWS observations)

For more information on Branson weather,  there are Facebook groups for Branson weather at and the official Branson Tornado Info group at provides severe weather safety tips and weather updates during severe weather.